Lawmakers Speak Out For Marsy’s Law for Nevada

As Nevada lawmakers prepare for a busy legislative session, sure to be filled with plenty of debate, there is one measure seeing lawmakers unite to support all citizens of Nevada. Senate Joint Resolution 17/Marsy’s Law for Nevada is headed back to the legislature for a required second approval before going to a vote of the people.

Just as we saw in 2015, Democrats, Republicans, and non-partisans are coming together to endorse the proposed constitutional amendment. Dozens of lawmakers in the Assembly and Senate have already reaffirmed their support for SJR 17. Some are even taking a stand on video, speaking up on behalf of all victims of crime. Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson and Senator Heidi Gansert are lending their voices to the growing call for a stronger voice and consideration for innocent victims who find themselves trying to make their way through the judicial system.

We appreciate the support of Senator Gansert and Assemblywoman Benitez-Thompson and all the lawmakers who have committed to supporting the victims of crime and SJR 17. The measure represents the first major crime victims’ rights effort in the Silver State in 20 years. Marsy’s Law for NV/SJR 17 would elevate our current victims’ rights recommendations, and create a constitutional amendment to guarantee victims’ rights and provide requirements for consideration during the judicial process. Once approved in this 2017 session, it will be headed to the citizens of Nevada for a final approval in 2018.

You can help make sure crime victims don’t fall through the cracks of the busy judicial system. Support Senate Joint Resolution 17/Marsy’s Law for Nevada. Tell your state lawmakers you support SJR 17/Marsy’s Law for Nevada, and you want the right to vote on the measure in 2018:



We all deserve SJR 17 and equal rights.