Nevada Lawmakers Approve SJR 17, Victims’ Rights Measure Now Goes to Voters

Nevada lawmakers remembered the victims and voted June 5, 2017, to stand up for crime victims’ rights. With two votes in the final hour of the Legislative session, the Assembly and Senate voted to approve Senate Joint Resolution 17/Marsy’s Law for Nevada. What an exciting night for the thousands of supporters who already believe in this measure! The legislative yes vote means the citizens of Nevada will have the final say on guaranteed victims’ rights when it comes before us as a ballot question in 2018.

So now the work begins to make sure all Nevadans understand the impact of this measure and the benefits of constitutional protections for crime victims. We ask that you help spread the word to your work colleagues, friends and relatives. Marsy’s Law for Nevada will benefit literally every citizen of Nevada since any one of us could be the victim of a crime on any given day. We encourage you to share positive Marsy’s Law posts on your social media and join us at events we attend in the coming months as we provide information to interested residents. If your business or organization wants a presentation, or you know of an upcoming event that might be good for Marsy’s Law information or hand-outs, please let us know.

It’s imperative that all Nevadans understand the importance of this measure. When the election rolls around in 2018 we want to see amazing vote tallies in favor of Marsy’s Law for Nevada. We want to see Nevadans uniting for the good citizens of our state who deserve a guaranteed voice.

We all deserve protected rights during the judicial process. Vote YES for Marsy’s Law for Nevada in 2018.