Georgia Efforts In Progress

Georgia is only 1 of 15 states that has not yet protected crime victims rights at a constitutional level.

The goal of Marsy’s law is to (1) give crime victims equal constitutional standing in court with the accused or convicted criminal and (2) enforceable rights and remedy. Neither one of these rights is afforded to Georgia crime victims in our current law. Once we pass through the Georgia House and Senate, we will be on the 2018 ballot for the people of Georgia to vote.

No rapist should have more rights than the person they raped.
No abuser should have more rights than the person they abused.

Please support equal constitutional rights for Georgia crime victims.

Thank you!

Ann Casas

Status of Marsy's Law in Georgia

Georgia does not have a victims’ rights amendment to its Constitution.

Currently, the Georgia House and Senate have formed a committee that is studying the Marsy’s Law for Georgia amendment language. According to Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee Chairman Jesse Stone (R-Waynesboro), after working through the details, members hope to “bring something back before the General Assembly next year, with the goal of placing an item before voters in 2018.”

Get Involved

Everyday, hundreds of people in Georgia suffer at the hands of criminals. Then they suffer again – as victims, thrust into the complex judicial system and to navigate an unfamiliar court process. Marsy’s Law proposes a Constitutional Amendment securing permanent, enforceable rights of victims, but we need your help to move forward.

Get involved now by:

  • Making calls from home
  • Telling your story
  • Requesting materials
  • Requesting a speaker
  • Tracking local media
  • Volunteering as a neighborhood leader
  • Downloading and printing literature to share
  • Speaking to a group or organization
  • Spreading the word on and
  • Showing community support

Additionally, you can help by contacting local media in support of Marsy’s Law!

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Telegraph
Savannah Morning News
Augusta Chronicle
Marietta Daily Journal
Athens Banner-Herald

Violent Crime In Your State: Did You Know?

Did you know, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) most recent “Crime in the United States” report, that in the state of Georgia there were:

  • 36,541 violent crimes committed in 2013.
  • 556 murders and non-negligent manslaughters committed in 2013.
  • 2,582 rapes committed in 2013.
  • 12,488 robberies committed in 2013.
  • 20,915 aggravated assaults committed in 2013.


Source: Crime in the United States, By State, 2013, Federal Bureau of Investigation website.

Resources in Georgia

CVAC – Crime Victims Advocacy Council to our Resources

Georgia Attorney General Victim Assistance

Georgia State Board Of Pardons And Paroles Victims Services

Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Georgia Network To End Sexual Assault