New York Efforts No Rights

I am pleased to welcome you to Marsy’s Law for All; thank you for visiting. We are excited to be seeking bipartisan collaboration in effort to make both an efficient and effective impact on constitutional equality for victims of crimes.

We are making great strides throughout the country and look forward to working with your state. If you are interested in becoming involved or partnering with us, I would be honored for the opportunity to visit with you.

All the best,
Kathryn Carr
Director of National Outreach

Status of Marsy's Law in New York

Currently, New York does not have a Victims’ Rights Amendment to its Constitution.

  • To learn more about your rights in New York, please visit the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) by clicking here.
Violent Crime In Your State: Did You Know?

Did you know, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) most recent “Crime in the United States” report, that in the state of New York there were:

  • 77,372 violent crimes committed in 2013.
  • 648 murders and non-negligent manslaughters committed in 2013.
  • 3,353 rapes committed in 2013.
  • 27,241 robberies committed in 2013.
  • 46,130 aggravated assaults committed in 2013.


Source: Crime in the United States, By State, 2013, Federal Bureau of Investigation website.

Resources in New York

New York Attorney General Victim Services

New York Department Of Corrections’ Victims Services

New York Crime Victim Compensation Program

Her Justice

New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

New York Legal Assistance Group’s Women’s Center For Victim Protection

New York Safe Horizon

New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault

Parents Of Murdered Children – Albany Chapter

Parents Of Murdered Children – North Bronx/Westchester Chapter

Parents Of Murdered Children – Queens Chapter