Wisconsin Efforts In Progress

I’m excited to be working with Wisconsinites to secure equal rights for victims of crime. It’s an issue Wisconsin has long been a leader on, and that is near and dear to my heart – as it is for so many good people in local communities across Wisconsin.

Our effort starts and ends with you. We are working with your neighbors and friends – and in some cases your loved ones – who have been victims of crime, in addition to victim advocates, law enforcement, experts, policymakers and anyone else who wants to get involved. We’re listening closely, and developing a Wisconsin solution to an issue that could affect any one of us, and in many cases already has.

For me, this issue is both professionally and personally significant. My true calling is encouraging passion and enthusiasm in the people around me, and that’s what I’ve done on past projects as a grassroots organizer and campaign manager in Wisconsin and across the country. And while I’ve always worked for people and organizations I felt passionate about, my own personal experiences make this issue particularly meaningful.

The people of Wisconsin understand this. As a matter of fact, this issue has long been meaningful for Wisconsinites. Wisconsin was the first state to adopt a “Crime Victims Bill of Rights,” and it has enacted many important reforms since. What we’re hearing now is that while this is a good start, there is a need for updates and stronger protections so that victims of crime have rights equal to those who are accused or convicted of crimes. Knowing that Wisconsinites appreciate this need, and hearing the stories of those who have been affected by crime in our communities, I’m certain we’ll be able to make our goal of equal rights for victims a reality.

So I hope you’ll join in our effort – lend your support, maybe give of your time, or even share your story. Because when it comes to equal rights for victims of crime, every voice makes a difference.

Thank You,
Luke Martz
Wisconsin State Director

Violent Crime In Your State: Did You Know?

According To Recently Released Statistics By The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI), Wisconsin Experienced 17,647 Violent Crimes In 2015.

  • In 2015, There Were 240 Murders And Nonnegligent Manslaughters.
  • In 2015 There Were 1,780 Rapes.
  • In 2015 There Were 5,232 Robberies.
  • In 2015 There Were 10,395 Aggravated Assaults.

Source: 2015 Crime In The United States, State Totals, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Website, 9/26/16