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Thank you for your interest in helping to pass Marsy’s Law — and to help in our nationwide effort to see victims of crime afforded equal Constitutional rights.

Above you will see a map of the country that not only is color-coded to give you an idea of the status of the rights of crime victims in your state, but if you click on your state you will be taken to your state home page, where you can get more localized information, and get involved!

Marsy’s Law is not a partisan issue. Giving crime victims co-equal rights is a rare political issue that Republicans and Democrats are unified in supporting. Marsy’s Law has already been passed and has already become law in California and in Illinois. In fact, in November 2014, voters in Illinois passed Marsy’s Law by an overwhelming 78% of the vote — the largest percentage victory for a Constitutional amendment in state history!

Find out what you can do to help pass Marsy’s Law in your state and give crime victims the rights they deserve.

Thank you for being a part of this important national campaign!


Did you know, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) most recent "Crime in the United States" report, that in the United States there were:

1,163,146 violent crimes committed
14,196 murders and non-negligent manslaughters
79,770 rapes committed*
345,031 robberies committed
724,149 aggravated assaults committed

Source: Crime in the United States, By State, 2013, Federal Bureau of Investigation website.


A violent crime occurred every 27.1 seconds

There was one murder every 37 minutes

There was one rape every 6.6 minutes

There was one robbery every 1.5 minutes

There was one aggravated assault every 43.5 seconds

Source: Crime in the United States, 2013 Crime3 Clock Statistics, 2013, Federal Bureau of Investigation website.